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Website Art Direction

I know the frustration you are going through over your branding & website.  All the tech, designing, niching, marketing and everything can be overwhelming and paralysing.


It can be deflating specially when you feel like it falls short of how you thought it would turn out, specially after the hours you put in it.

​I would love to help you.


To that, we will go through my 4 KEYS OF BRANDING to help you drill down and make sure you're values, mood, tone, brand assets and discipline are on the right track with your personality, passion and niche.

Website Art Direction includes assessing  the mood, tone, language, layout, typefaces & colours.  But most important of all is the User Experience.  This includes the placement and use of buttons and forms as well as other tech magic on Wix.


And because I strongly believe in empowering you, I'll guide you through navigating the Wix Editor and Dashboard.


  • 2 hour Art Direction Video Call on FB Messenger (don't worry about going over a few minutes!)

  • $247 AUD

  • Step-by-step:

    • Let's have an initial assessment first! Use the Contact Form to give me an overview of what you need help with.

      • I'll respond and we'll book in that initial assessment.

      • Don't worry, this bit is FREE.

    • If you want to proceed, process your payment through the link below.

    • Let's set a time for your Art Direction Call!

      • This will be 3 days after your purchase so that I can write up my notes - you will have this too!

      • I will also send you a pre-call list of things you may want to prepare

    • We will be on call for the whole two hours, so buckle up!

      • OR, we can also break it up into two calls.​

      • We will be using Facebook's Messenger.

    • We will go through your website and your Need/Want/Nice-to-Have list.



  • You will have access to my 4 Keys of Branding page, which is a self-paced branding course, for 6 months!

  • You have on-going support from me!

  • PLUS - I'll look in on your website every now and then and give you feedback!

Website Re/Design

Ok, so you tried building your Wix Website by yourself but find that you're really struggling.

You now just want someone to come in and do it for you.


I understand the frustration.


I'm with the Wix Partner Program and can help you re-shape your website, align it to your brand and empower you to tweak it whenever you feel the need to.

So, I'll re-design 4 pages and leave the rest for you to follow through.

Don't worry, the spread of pages we'll re-design, depending on our discussion, will be enough to guide you for the rest of the website.  I'll assist you, of course, but this process will equip you to make changes and add content as you need to. 


Your investment is, in fact, in this guidance & self-confidence.

HOWEVER, If you really want me to do the whole website, we can talk about that too.


I also only take a handful of clients every month, so you'll have my highest attention!

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This is a design or re-designing service for your existing Wix website.

I will help with up to 4 key pages and guide you through applying these changes to the rest of the website.

You will be taking a lot of notes, so be prepared for that.


The package:

  • $600 AUD

  • 4 pages, maximum

  • Additional pages is by request

  • This will run for approximately 4 to 5 weeks:

    • Week 1 (partially) - This is for me to take a deep dive into your website and take some talking points or questions based on the pages you elect.

      • I'll prepare my assessment.

      • At the same time, you'll go through the list of Client Preparations.

      • We go through your website based on your list of Need, Want and Nice to Have, discuss the changes and write up our Agreements.

  • Week 2 to 3/4 (depending how extensive the project is) I'll be working on your website.

  • Last Week - We go through the final project + last questions or ideas.

    • This project duration is only a projection and may shorten or lengthen depending on turn-around times.

  • We will be communicating back and forth during the term of the project, so please be available on Messenger.


  • You will have access to my 4 Keys of Branding page, which is a self-paced branding course.

  • You have on-going support from me!

  • PLUS - I'll look in on your website every now and then!

If you want to proceed, process your payment through the link below, and we can set a schedule.

Yoga Class
One-Page Website

If you're just starting out and only need one or two pages for web presence, don't hesitate to contact me and we'll see what we can do.

One page websites or landing pages are a great way to start off your yoga or wellness business.


You can use it to introduce yourself, your offering, test out your brand assets, speak to your niche and tell them where to find you.

It's also a solid start for a multi-page website.

If this is what you need, for now, then don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact me below to get started on your site!

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